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A Bit About Me

I've done a lot of different forms of exercise over the years. It felt like I was on a search for the most optimal workout.

I've come to feel that there isn't a best workout. There is only the one that works for me on this day, at this time in my life.

I want to help you find that for yourself too.

My Inspirations


This is where it all began for me. Three years ago, I decided to start thinking about my fitness differently. I wanted treat my body as something that I could build a true relationship with.

GMB helped me start my journey, and the wonderful people there helped me get to where I am today. I would be ungrateful to not direct you to that wonderful community.

Precision Nutrition.png

Precision Nutrition is a website devoted to nutrition science and coaching. They helped me understand that there's more to coaching than knowing a lot of information.

What matters is how I communicate it to the people I want to help. Precision Nutrition helped me become a better coach.

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